Day 19, Spring 19: Baiting My Rod

Speed-Gro works on potatoes!


That’s a row of five potatoes, one day after planting. The one on the right has Speed-Gro fertilizer and you can already tell it’s a day ahead. I feel like I should test this on a parsnip next. A three-day growth time would be amazing.

Jodi Wants a Handout

Guess who had the gall to write me this timely letter today?


That’s right, my 0/10 friend Jodi, who I’ve spoken to maybe twice since moving here. No mention of any reward or even that it’ll make her happy, like what’s standard over at the bulletin board. No, instead she’s  contacting me directly and asking me to straight-up give her my most premium of produce.

I can just picture her writing this, thinking “Well, he obviously won’t need it. It’s not like he’s going to use it since he doesn’t even have a kitchen.

And wouldn’t you know it, I just happen to have one lonely cauliflower that’s finally ready to be picked today.


Not like she was spying on me or anything. Must be a total coincidence.

20160517_060153To make this even more difficult, it was a gold-star-quality cauliflower. That means Jodi’s little freebie request would cost me 262g in lost sales, unless I wait a week for the next harvest and give her the worst of that batch (this quest has no time limit like the bulletin board ones).

That’s the thing though. If I don’t give Jodi a cauliflower, this quest will just sit there unfinished, cluttering up my journal for years. (I already hit the accept button before thinking this through, and once you do that there’s no way to cancel)

After all this ranting, I’ve decided to give her the gold cauliflower. It’ll be checked off in my journal and off my mind, and who knows, maybe it’s a test of my good will and there are unknown positive repercussions to be found later from this?

As for an in-character reason for this decision, Karl swallowed his pride and admitted that he’s still an up-and-coming farmer trying to make a name for himself. Sometimes, giving your product away for free can be an effective marketing strategy if you can get people interested and coming back for more. If Jodi tells all her friends at the Tuesday Ladies Exercise Group about how it was the best cauliflower she’s ever had, that could turn out to be worth way more than 262g.

A Lucrative Bass

I also remembered that I had 300g coming in this morning when I delivered that largemouth bass to Marnie, so that will offset the cauliflower cost nicely.


On the way there I passed my tappers, which are still empty. They must take a while.


Marnie pays triple the value for hand-delivery. Easy to find and speedy payment, would catch fish for again

With Marnie’s 300g payment in hand, I went to Jodi’s house for my other delivery, but nobody was home. I’m not going to bother spending time to look for her. She didn’t give me a time limit so she can wait till it’s convenient.

Mining: Floors 11-15

At 2 PM I went to the mine to work on my next planned purchase, the axe upgrade, for which I’ll need more copper and coal. It’s early enough in the day that I should be able to reach the next elevator floor no problem.


Bombs away

One of the hermit crabs dropped a cherry bomb, which I tried out on a bunch of rocks. It makes a sizable explosion, but still not enough to break those big boulders.


Floor 12 had a long track in it with a cart full of coal at the end. I’ve seen a few of these mine carts around and it would be great to find a way to use them. Travel time often eats up a good chunk of the day right now.


Carrying a campfire around comes in handy for lighting up dark spots in parts of the mine. Karl’s ability to quickly extinguish and pack up his campfire for reuse is unparalleled. I would not want to see the inside of his backpack at this point though.

Bait Problem Solved!

By floor 14 my inventory had filled up. In my moment of dire need, I made a scientific breakthrough:


Cue “hallelujah.wav” here

Are you ready to learn the secrets of putting bait on a hook? First, pick up the bait. Then, drop it on your fishing rod… using the right mouse button. Can’t use the left or you’ll just swap the two items.

I thought I had tried literally everything yesterday, but there you go. It seems so easy now. I’m going to blame the game for not explaining this, but this is just the one small flaw I’ve noticed in an otherwise superb tutorial system.

Since bug meat can be made into bait, I found I could easily convert it on the fly and add it to the rod’s existing bait stash to save another inventory slot.

I reached floor 15 at 10 PM and took the elevator back up.

Loot from today’s mining trip:

  • 19 copper ore
  • 8 coal
  • 2 geodes
  • Earth Crystal, Quartz

Tomorrow will be axe upgrade day! Oh man, I sure hope my forge is still there…


Of course I had to try fishing with bait before going to bed. Got a bite in less than two seconds, and it was a new kind of fish too. I honestly think figuring out this bait thing was the highlight of the day. It’s the little victories, you know?



Today’s parsnip harvest:

Total income: 1,217 g

Skill Progress:


Journal Progress:

Quest completed: Delivery (largemouth bass to Marnie – 300g and +1 friend points)


Mine Progress: Level 15 elevator unlocked


Tomorrow’s weather: Breezy with lots of pollen


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