Day 18, Spring 18: Happy Birthday Pam

I finally got a quality parsnip from the unfertilized soil today:


So far, the basic fertilizer is still producing between 15 and 20 percent higher net profits consistently.

Testing Speed-Gro


It’s time to find out how this new growth-accelerating fertilizer works. I needed a potato to finish the Spring Crops bundle, so I bought a few of those along with one dose of Speed-Gro.


I planted 4 potatoes with basic fertilizer and one with Speed-Gro. I guess the two most likely possibilities are it speeds up the growth by one day, or it could have no effect on a six-day crop. If it does turn a six-day growth time into five days, that would be great since you could get five harvests instead of four in a season (almost the equivalent of turning each potato into silver star quality).

Fisherman Wanted, Huge Reward


Largemouth Bass, known throughout Stardew Valley for its soothing medicinal properties

Marnie posted this on the bulletin board today. The other deliveries I’ve done have been only 90g, so this seems like one I shouldn’t miss out on. The only problem is I haven’t caught a largemouth bass before, so I’ll have to do some searching.

To hunt for a new fish, it’s only fitting to use a nice new rod. I took all the bug meat I had and turned it into bait to bring with me to Willy’s shop, where I became the proud owner of a fiberglass fishing rod.

I have no use for the bamboo rod anymore and it doesn’t look like I can sell it, so I just threw it away.

Lake Fishing

I checked the fishing bundles for any hints on where to look for largemouth bass.


Sure enough, it says it’s a lake fish. I checked the map for the most likely spot.


I remember my fishing attempt at the lake in Cindersap Forest yielded only garbage. Maybe that one’s more like a pond. The part of the river near the mine is pretty wide and could be considered a lake, so I decided to try there.

More Bait Problems

Last time I tried to use bait I realized I couldn’t with the bamboo rod. The fiberglass rod, based on Willy’s description, can be used with bait, but I still can’t figure out how to attach it! I might be overlooking something really dumb, but I tried for a long time in multiple ways and eventually got too frustrated and gave up. I tried:

  • putting both rod and bait in hot bar
  • select bait and left click
  • select bait and right click
  • select rod and right click
  • select rod and left click (casts normally, but doesn’t use bait)
  • drop bait on rod in inventory menu (both single and stack, even tried holding shift/ctrl/alt)
  • drop rod on bait in inventory menu

Up until now the game has been great at teaching me the controls as I play, but this time I’m completely confused. I may end up just reading the wiki for this one, since it’s (I hope) just a controls issue and not directly related to the game itself.

Catching The Bass

Oh well, at least I can still fish. Here’s what I caught in my first two casts:



My second artifact

Carp is also part of the Lake Fish bundle, so I knew I was on the right track. I cast my line once more, and the third time was the charm:


This guy is worth 300g?

Marnie’s ranch closes at 6, so she will be my first stop tomorrow morning to deliver this sweet relief for her aching legs.

A Tulip For Pam

As nighttime rolled around I went back to the saloon. Sure enough, Pam was already at her usual spot.


She already has her beer, so I don’t feel bad about not getting her one

Karl pulled a yellow tulip out of his pocket and offered it to Pam, already thinking this was a bad idea.


“I pulled this out of the ground by accident… happy birthday!”


Whew, she liked it! And judging by her response, this may have been the only gift she received today. Glad I remembered.


Back at the farm, I spent my remaining energy removing a few stones before going to sleep.


Skill Progress:


I reached level 4 in Farming, a nice side effect of my harvesting 20 parsnips per day.

Journal Progress:

Quest Started: Delivery (largemouth bass to Marnie – 300g)


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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