Day 17, Spring 17: Decisions

Today’s fortune was good:


It’s still hard to tell if this has any effect on crop quality, but I was quite satisfied with today’s shipment (basic fertilizer was used).


This completes the Spring portion of the Quality Crops bundle, so from now on I can just sell every parsnip I get.

A Daffodil for Haley

At 9:00 I took a break from farm work to go to Haley’s place and drop off my daffodil. I know she takes a few hours to look at herself in the mirror each morning before going outside, but I don’t know her daily routine after that. I was dead set on finishing another delivery quest, and I wanted to catch her at home so I wouldn’t waste time looking all over town.

At 10 AM she was still in her room. I figured she was almost done getting ready, so I waited, daffodil in hand.


Desperate much?

I ended up waiting another hour before she finally came out, but when she did I was ready. She happily took the daffodil and slipped 90 pieces of gold into the pages of my journal.


We are now one step closer to actually being friends

In retrospect, I should have stepped outside and fished in the river just below her house until she came out the front door. Not only could I have made a bit of money while waiting, but Karl would’ve seemed like much less of a creep.

What to Buy Next

I feel like I should come up with some sort of plan for what I’m going to spend money on between now and the end of the spring. There are so many big purchases to be made that I should try to prioritize them somehow.

Before doing that, here’s a rough estimate of how much money is coming in by Spring 28:

  • 11 days of parsnip earnings, 7,700g
  • 9 cauliflower, 1,575g
  • other crops/foraging, say ~1,000g
  • subtract parsnip seeds thru Spring 24, -1,600g
  • Total: 8,675g

This is a conservative estimate, but it’s actually more than I expected. It’s enough to buy all three things on my most-wanted list:

  • Fiberglass fishing rod – allows bait, fish faster for better income
  • Axe upgrade – chop trees easier to build coop, access to new areas
  • Coop – get animals, make progress on the farm & extra income

In terms of making money back to pay for themselves, the fishing rod is the cheapest and can be effective right away, so it’s a more short-term investment. The coop is tricky since I don’t even know how much each chicken costs, on top of the 4,000g building cost. I assume it will make good steady income but it will probably take a while to re-coop (heh) the initial investment.

I decided I’ll buy them in the order listed above. Fishing rod first, to speed up earning money for the other two. Copper axe so I can efficiently collect the wood needed for the coop. And finally the coop, likely in the last few days of the season.


A new fishing rod I’ll be able to buy tomorrow. You can even see the place where you attach the bait!

Back to the Farm

I returned to Joensuu Farm to finish watering. I planted another tulip in the spot where I’d picked the last one by accident. Thankfully I didn’t make the same mistake with the blue puffball. It seems plants can stay in the ground without water once fully grown.


I spent the afternoon and most of the evening fishing in the river south of town.


Caught some smallmouth bass, some bream (after 7 PM), and a treasure chest with 10 bait in it.

Shopping for Pam


Tomorrow is Pam’s birthday and I wanted to be prepared, but I had no idea what she’d like. I went to the Stardrop Saloon around 10:30 planning to just buy her a beer since she’s a regular there.


I could get a plate of spaghetti and a whole baguette for less than the price of one beer. What kind of bar are you running, Gus?


400g?! For one beer? On second thought, how about not. Sorry Pam, hate to be a cheapskate but that’s like a quarter of my fishing rod money right there.

Instead, I’ll just give her that tulip I pulled out of my garden the other day.



Yowza! This is probably my highest-earning day so far. Not a whole lot happened today, but some good foraging and fishing income supplemented the parsnips for a nice wad of cash. Tomorrow I plan to buy the fiberglass fishing rod.

Total income including quest turn-in: 1689g

Journal Progress:

Quest completed: Delivery (daffodil to Haley – 90g and +1 friend level)


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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