Day 16, Spring 16: Disloyal Customers

I’ve been learning tons of new crafting recipes lately from all the skill-ups. Many of them I don’t have the materials for yet, but let’s take a look at some of the more interesting ones.

Sprinklers would be a big help to my farm right now, but I’d have to do a lot of mining to get enough of them. With good placement you only need to increase land usage by 25% in exchange for never worrying about watering. With the time saved there I could start doing other things on the farm to earn more cash.

Speed-Gro seems good for plants with long growth time like cauliflower. I’d have to test to see if it has any effect on crops with less than 10 days to grow. If it could turn a 6-day crop into a 5-day crop, that would allow for a whole extra harvest in the season.

That ring seems too costly to make for what it does, but then again I haven’t encountered any really dangerous enemies yet. Perhaps when I delve deeper in the mine to look for iron I’ll see a need for it.


I’m most excited for the tapper, and I can actually craft it! Since I can’t afford the axe upgrade yet, I made two of these and stuck them on a maple and pine tree. Today’s quest takes me into the mine where I’m sure to find more copper ore.


I’m envisioning a huge maple orchard at the south end of the farm with tons of syrup flowing in


I have a bunch of stuff stored in the chest that I’ve saved to go into bundles at the community center. To free up some space I took out the bean and all the fish & shells to deposit in bulk later.


Today’s parsnip shipment: 20 normal quality from the plain soil. So far I’ve already earned an extra 100g in profits from fertilized vs. unfertilized parsnips.

Pierre sent a letter saying he is now selling fertilizers. I needed to restock on seeds anyway so I went over to the store.

Morris vs. Pierre

Everyone’s favorite Morris of JojaCorp showed up at the general store with his latest customer-stealing ploy.


Karl of course didn’t fall for it, but to my surprise everyone else did.



He was smart enough not to even offer one to Karl

It keeps getting harder to see how anyone could play this game and take Joja’s side, without becoming the villain. Maybe there is some redemption for Morris & co. later on, but for now they are the embodiment of corporate greed.


Pierre was pretty shaken up over it. Don’t worry buddy, I’m sticking with you!


Karl looks ready to knock him out

Back to my regularly scheduled shopping trip. Pierre now carries the two fertilizers I can make, plus a third option:


This could allow for planting more crops at once, depending what the chance is

I think when I plant a small batch of potatoes next I’m going to test out the Speed-Gro. For now I just bought the next few days worth of parsnip seeds.

Bulletin Board

I took another delivery quest – one daffodil to Haley for 90g. I already had one in my pocket so that should be easy money and another friendship point.


Looking at the calendar I also realized I’d missed two birthdays. Pam’s and Shane’s are coming up and I’d like to give them each something. I think Pam likes… alcohol? I’ll try to catch a nice herring for Shane I guess.

A Tip From Evelyn

If there’s one thing I learned from playing Dark Souls, it’s that you always keep talking to NPCs until they either start repeating themselves or won’t say anything else.

I ran across Evelyn who made some small talk about her husband George and his grumpy-old-man temperament.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the fourth time talking to her, she finally offered up some valuable knowledge!


I looked for Haley in her house, but she wasn’t home. If I were a burglar things would be so easy in this town. I’ll bring her the daffodil tomorrow morning.

Exterminator Work

I got to the mine late in the afternoon once again. I believed I’d have enough time to kill the 6 slimes for the wizard and then make it to his tower for that sweet 240g reward.

At first I went back to the lowest level (11), but I wasn’t finding many slimes, mainly digletts, hermit crabs, and a new type of fast-moving dragonfly enemy.


Can’t get distracted! Time is running out…

So I went back to the elevator and took it to the fifth floor this time, where I was able to find five more slimes pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, I dilly-dallied just a tiny bit too long mining copper. I had checked the map to see if the wizard tower had a “closing time” but it didn’t say anything. I hightailed it over there thinking if I made it before midnight it would be fine.


Here’s where I’m wishing I had finished building this path to the south exit

I ran in the dark as fast as I could through the rocks and twigs, and finally made it to Rasmodius’s front door at 11:50 PM, only to be greeted with this:


A 240g opportunity wasted, all for some little bits of copper and salmonberries. Was it worth it?

I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but I’m really going to try to keep this from happening again. Don’t end up like me! Do your quests early, then spend the rest of the day at your leisure.



Nothing too special to note here, and no skill ups today.

Journal Progress:

Quest Expired, Barely: Slay Monsters (6 slimes for M. Rasmodius)

Quest Started: Delivery (1 daffodil to Haley)


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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