Day 15, Spring 15: Learning & Leveling

I made a couple mistakes today, but these things are bound to happen. As long as I learn something useful from them, I consider it a net positive. At the end of the day, Karl earned three skill points! So while I’m building knowledge about the game, he’s getting better at his work.

Today’s installment of Livin’ Off The Land:


I hadn’t seen any salmonberries before, but they started popping up all over the place today. It’s cool that some things start to show up mid-season, especially in this slow playthrough to help keep things fresh.

20160503_071021Today’s batch of parsnips was quite good. Even with the fertilizer I think this is better than average. You can check my parsnip page for the current breakdown.


My lonely beanstalk sprouted again. Last one was on day 12, so this gives a bean every 3 days which amounts to about 13g earned per day after the initial growing time. As long as you plant these early in the season, they are a great cash crop.

Once I get two harvests of strawberries I’ll do a comparison of each Spring crop’s expected seasonal profit – of course it won’t come in handy until next year but I like to look at that sort of thing. I think the developer did a great job of balancing the game to give each crop some pros and cons.



With enough copper ore now to smelt 5 bars, I started the forge in the morning while watering the crops. It takes 20 minutes on the game’s clock (~15 seconds) to create one bar, so I wanted something to do instead of just standing around waiting for it to finish.

The plan was to take my 5 copper bars to Clint today and buy the axe upgrade. You’ll see later on how that panned out…

I had a tulip blooming in my garden, so while watering the flowers as usual, I learned what happens if you try to water a plant that is also pickable:


I always pluck stuff using the right mouse button, so now I know that either mouse button does the same thing, and you can’t water crops after they’re grown (unless maybe with sprinklers or an upgraded watering can).

What I’d like to know now is what would happen to the tulip if I left it there without picking it – would it die the next day or after a certain amount of time? I was thinking I could just leave this area full of flowers, but maybe it’s not possible.


Here’s a helpful letter from Evelyn that confirms my assumption from yesterday about crops left out after the season’s end. Always nice to get these questions answered promptly!

Armed with this knowledge I made sure to plant all my cauliflower today, so it’ll be fully grown on Spring 27.


I chopped a couple trees first to make enough fertilizer which should definitely be used on “big” crops like cauliflower (the silver and gold qualities are a percentage increase, so the sell price will go up more on things with a higher base price).

You can see from the clock above that my morning farming is starting to take quite a while. I’d like to have time to do other things with the day, so until I can improve my watering efficiency I don’t plan on planting much more than this. The only other crops-related goal I have this season is to complete the Spring Crops Bundle, so I just need to plant at least one more potato and I’ll be set for that.


Over at the forge, I was lacking one last piece of coal to smelt the last copper bar. I know that Clint sells them, so I just picked up the forge and put it in my backpack so I could smelt on location later.

Now, before it gets any later, it’s time to head to the beach and catch a herring!

Fishing Break

On the way to the pier I collected some salmonberries and took another quest from the bulletin board. This one was to slay 6 slimes for M. Rasmodius the wizard – rewards 240 gold!


I managed to catch a herring on my second cast. Before going to find Shane I had to visit Clint’s blacksmith shop to get there before it closed.

Brain Fart

Coal was a little pricier than I remembered, at 150g. This would put me under the 1,000g I thought I’d need to buy the axe upgrade, so I bought 1 coal, then sold a few ores and a quartz to get back to 1,000. I quickly dropped down the forge I brought with me and got my fifth copper bar.


OK, time for my first tool upgrade!



I don’t know why I thought it was only 1,000. Maybe I got it confused with the new fishing rod. Well, after all that trouble, we won’t be upgrading today!

While in the area, I went to the museum to donate the stuff I found in the mine yesterday. In my haste I ran out of Clint’s shop without remembering to pick up my forge. I hope it’ll still be there when I come back or that will be the most costly mistake of the day.

A Successful Delivery (Finally)

After that little mishap at the blacksmith it felt good to actually accomplish something I set out to do. I found Shane just as he was leaving his shift at JojaMart. At first he said what he always says to me, but when I showed him the herring he requested he changed his tune.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That earned me 90g and a 1/10 friend level with him, and I’ve finally completed my first timed delivery quest.

Turning In Early


We’re still only 1/10 friends so you can go around, buddy

I spent a little while fishing off the bridge near JojaMart before heading home fairly early. The best catch was a 19-inch Bream. Bream are found at night, and it bit immediately after the music changed at 7 PM, so I’m gonna say that nighttime officially begins at 7 in this game.

One last thing I learned today before going to sleep: if you want to get tilled soil tiles without waiting for them to degrade on their own, you can hit them with the pick. Now I can clean up this area where I’m no longer planting.




Salmonberries only sell for 5g, but you can gather a lot of them in a day for a little boost in income. Farming earnings would’ve been 782, but I saved the two gold-level parsnips for the Quality Crops Bundle (4/5 collected for that, so I’ll get at least one more for sure).

I also got the 90g for the herring delivery and a little bit from selling to Clint.

Total income: 989g

Skill Progress:

The most exciting part of the day happened at the overnight screen. My various activities managed to earn me no less than three skill level-ups.



I can be a beekeeper in this game? And Speed-Gro… wow, if that’s what I think it is, my farming economic spreadsheet might need some major updates.


This is the most exciting news to me. Joensuu Maple Syrup Factory here I come


I’ll need a kitchen pronto with all these new dishes I’m learning. Crab pot seems to be for catching crabs & lobsters, judging by the bundle with the same name.

Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Delivery – 1 Herring to Shane (90g and +1 friendship)

Quest Started: Slay Monsters – 6 Slimes for Rasmodius

Items Donated:



Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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