Day 14, Spring 14: Lost and Found


I got a great fortune today. Let’s see how it affects parsnip quality.

It’s Sunday, so Sauce Queen was on TV. Today’s recipe is coleslaw – cabbage, vinegar, and mayonnaise. I’ll need not only a kitchen, but some chickens and a mayo machine too before I can make this one.


A new crop was finally ready today – cauliflower! I’m expecting big money for this one, with its high seed price and 12 day growth time.

That reminds me: I have those 9 cauliflower seeds I got for free at the museum, and I’m actually quickly approaching the deadline to plant them if I don’t want to wait until next year. Since they take 12 days to grow, they’d need to be planted no later than the 16th of spring. I’m assuming that, like in Harvest Moon, any crops still in the ground when a new season starts will wither and die.

Today’s parsnip quality was:


Completely boring. These were unfertilized so I shouldn’t have expected better, but that fortune had me thinking it might affect today’s crop. Well, Karl isn’t a big believer in fortune telling anyway, and it would have been sad if I had better results from the unfertilized crops.


I filled in the rest of my tiny flower garden with jazz and tulips. I probably won’t sell these, they’ll just add some color to the farm once they bloom, and then I can use them as gifts once summer starts.

At the north edge of the farm I found another one of those mysterious statues hiding behind a maple tree:


I tried hitting it with the pick but nothing happened. I bet they are related to the Junimos in some way.

A quick trip into town for more parsnip seeds and there was another job posted on the bulletin board.


This time it’s only one herring – probably couldn’t be easier. OK, I’m definitely going to complete it this time, no more excuses! Tomorrow morning it’s straight to the beach after the morning’s work.

The Search for the Axe

Around 3:00 I ventured down to Cindersap Forest to make a real attempt to find Robin’s axe. Along the way I encountered Abigail and Leah.


Where does she go to school?


I should ask if she sculpted those statues I keep finding


Now that I know you like dandelions, you’re going to get two of them every week

Sunday marks the start of the week, so I was able to give Leah another dandelion. She’s now a 1 out of 10 on the friendship scale!


The axe turned out to be on the far side of the river, just to the north of the sewer pipe. I grabbed it and ran over to Robin’s house with dollar signs in my eyes.


I found her walking home at 7:30. Returning her axe made her so thankful that she also got to 1/10 friendship level, along with a cash reward of 250 g!


The social tab is sorted by friendships. It looks like all of the “single” characters have those last two hearts filled in, so it’s probably related to the dating/marriage part of the game.

After checking the social menu I discovered I was also building a friendship with Abigail. All I did was talk to her today. Maybe she just appreciated that she could confide in Karl about her homework since he’s a fellow procrastinator (I’ll catch that fish tomorrow, for sure this time…).


I had some time left in the evening. Since I was near the mine entrance I checked the Adventurer’s Guild and found it was still open. That checked of another journal entry (no reward) and introduced me to another shop and another set of (very long-term) goals.



Marlon sells adventuring equipment like rings shoes, and a new sword. The Wooden Blade was actually better than my rusty one, so I used the 250g I just got from Robin to buy it. I was even able to sell back the rusty sword (to the guy who gave it to me no less) for 50g.


This is posted on the wall in here to track my monster-slaying stats in the mine. The guy in the rocking chair, Gil, says to “Come back when you’ve got something to show me, kid”. When I kill the requisite number of an enemy type I can claim a reward from him. That seems to be his sole purpose in life – sit in chair all day and act as a human vending machine.

I briefly went into the mine before going to bed to find some more copper ore, which will be put to use tomorrow.


A new enemy type, which I’m calling a Diglett

This guy dropped some new loot:


A new mineral, and my first artifact!



The cauliflower sold for 175g, more than double its seed price. That means I have another 1575g coming at the end of the season if I can remember to plant those seeds on time!

Total earned: 1175 g

Skill Progress:


Journal Progress:

  • Quest completed: Robin’s Lost Axe (250g)
  • Quest completed: Initiation
  • Quest started: Delivery (1 herring to Shane)


  • Leah – 1/10 (+1)
  • Abigail – 1/10 (+1)
  • Robin – 1/10 (+1)


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny



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