Day 13, Spring 13: Egg Festival

Today’s a special day! It’s the first holiday of the game!

But before we get to that, there’s work to be done at Joensuu Farm. Today is also the first day that the “parsnip factory” starts earning money. Here it is in all its glory:


20160426_223639Crop picking always makes for a fun morning, and every morning from now to summer will be a crop picking morning. Here’s the results from the first batch of parsnips:

  • 17 normal quality
  • 3 silver quality

Each one of these had basic fertilizer in the soil, and I have to say I’m a bit disappointed by the quality. Only 3 decent veggies out of 20 is what I would expect from plain unfertilized ground. I’m going to blame today’s harvest on the bad fortune I got.


Not a great time to harvest parsnips perhaps

I took my remaining 20 seeds and replanted right away. I’m so glad the fertilizer doesn’t need to be re-added each time. That’ll save me a tonĀ of time I would’ve spent chopping down trees.

The upkeep on this parsnip farm isn’t bad for how much it producesĀ – today I was all finished by 10 AM. The most time is spent on watering because I now have to go to the pond to refill the watering can a few times before I can get to them all.


Distance from water source to crops is a limiting factor. I can see why you’d want to build a well.

The day’s festivities in town started at 9, so as soon as I was done on the farm I walked over to check out the festival.

The Egg Festival


The whole town showed up to the festival. Well, everyone except Gunther it seems, who was conspicuously absent. So much for getting a chance to ask him about the sewer key.

The main event is an Easter egg hunt. Lewis was waiting for Karl to give the go-ahead before starting, so I went around to talk to everyone first. Here’s some of the highlights.


Pierre was selling a couple new items. I couldn’t afford the bunny but I was excited to see new seeds! I bought five of them with some of my extra gold.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pam spiked the punch. At least one person seemed to notice.



The three mustachioed men in their natural habitat (the food table)

One person has told me that Karl looks like he could be Gus’ son. I guess I can sort of see the resemblance. Let me know what you think.


Abigail turns out to be pretty good at egg hunts


Never skip leg day


I told Lewis we were ready to start the egg hunt. How nice of everyone to wait for me! I’m not sure how the contestants were selected, but Karl was lucky enough to be one.


The Results

The whole thing lasts for less than a minute. I felt like I did pretty well, finding 7 eggs. I would have found an eighth, but it turned out to be Jas hiding behind a bush.


The side of her hair looked exactly like an egg


Drumroll please…


Aww man. I wonder what the prize would have been

After that, the event was over and I found myself back at the farm… at 10 PM. Wow, it wasn’t even dark when I left town. Not sure where all those hours went.

It at least left me with enough time to plant those new strawberries I bought, and add a bit of lighting along the path.




It was a great relaxing day, and I still made good money. The parsnip data will be updated with each post so you can look at that if you’re interested in the quality statistics.


Earnings from parsnips: 724 (50 from blue puffball flower)

Skill Progress:


Not sure how Karl’s crafting skills went from making scarecrows to mayonnaise machines in just one level

All that harvesting and sowing got me enough experience to become a level 2 farmer!

Journal Progress:

Quest Expired: Fishing (3 herring for Willy) (will I ever do one of these?)


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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