Day 12, Spring 12: Slime Slayer

Karl got a package from his mom today!


I’ll be eating these very soon

There was also a note from Mayor Lewis reminding me that the Egg Festival will take place tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the first holiday of the game, and happy to hear that festivities start at 9 AM so I’ll have time to work on the parsnips in the morning.

New Plants Grown

I picked my first green bean and tulip today.


From this picture it looks like there are two beans on the plant, but I only got one. It sells for 40g, so at this point it’s actually lost money. This plant will continue to produce beans through the end of the season though. Once I learn how often it makes a new bean I’ll be able to evaluate it better.



Tulips aren’t a great moneymaker. They’re probably better used as gifts, decoration, or even a snack. Here’s its economic stats:

Seed Price Days to Grow Sell Price Profit per Plant Profit per Plant per Day ROI Daily Rate of Return
20 6 30 10 1.67 50% 8.33%

Parsnip Update

The parsnip fields are done! From tomorrow on I’ll get a rotating daily harvest of 20 parsnips. All I need to do is replant after picking them and this will keep itself going hopefully all the way to the monoculture achievement.


Hopefully they are all protected by the scarecrow as well

I also built a fence around the area and continued the cobblestone path. I thought it would look nice, and it was mentioned in Livin’ Off The Land that fences around crops were important, maybe to prevent animals from trampling them?

Tired from the morning’s work, Karl treated himself to the entire plate of cookies from Mom. There’s still a big adventure coming today and I’ll need all the energy I can spare!

Into Town

Willy posted another fishing request on the bulletin board, this time for 3 herring. He’s giving me a chance to redeem myself, I can’t let him down! I’m going to make this a priority… tomorrow. There are more pressing matters at hand right now.


I brought a geode to Clint and found a piece of slate inside – another mineral for the museum. I also checked on the requirements for upgrading tools: each copper tool needs 5 copper bars and 2,000g, and needs to be left with Clint for a few days.


I brought the aquamarine and slate over to Gunther and got a nice surprise. The reward: 9 cauliflower seeds. That should amount to over 1,000 gold, a nice bonus at the end of the season.


Penny had some good info about digging with the hoe. I knew there was more than just minerals to put in the museum. It might be good to use leftover energy at the end of each day to see what I can dig up.

I attempted to ask Gunther about that sewer key, but I can’t get to him behind the counter. I will have to track him down when he’s not at work. Hopefully not with another evening of stalking him outside his house. Actually, where does he live? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him outside the museum. Maybe the Egg Festival will be a good opportunity.

Return to the Mine


I spent the rest of the day delving deeper in the mine. I took the elevator down to level 5 and got started breaking rocks and fighting slimes and bats.


The rusty sword I’m using takes a lot of hits to kill things


Karl’s an official adventurer now

After slaying 10 slimes and collecting lots of copper ore and quartz, I was able to reach level 10 by 11 PM. I’m glad I did – not only did I unlock another elevator floor, but this was waiting for me:


Here’s what was inside:


It’s my first piece of real loot


The boots are a little lighter in color than the shoes I was wearing, and they’ll help protect me as I go further in the mine later on. I’m assuming the enemies will get harder – so far it’s been quite safe for me down here. What a great end to the day!


Before heading to bed, I remembered to check one more thing:


Wow, he seems to be doing his job! It would have sucked to wake up to destroyed parsnips. Thanks, Mr. Scarecrow.


Some great profit today

Journal Progress:

Quest completed: Initiation (kill 10 slimes)
Quest completed: Deeper in the Mine (reach depth 10)

Quest started: Fishing (3 herring for Willy)
Quest started: Deeper in the Mine (reach depth 40)

Items Donated:




Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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