Day 11, Spring 11: A Spooky Sewer

Morning Updates

Today’s edition of Livin’ Off The Land was a 2-for-1 special:


Two tips this time, but we already knew these


According to my scarecrow, there haven’t been any crows looking to eat my crops yet. But I guess it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it…

For good measure, I made another scarecrow and went to place it in the center of the area that will soon contain my 4 rotating parsnip fields – only to realize that I’d already done that the night before!


D’oh! Guess I’ll save this one as a backup then

Karl gets a lot of mail for having just moved here. A lot of it seems to be directly related to things he’s done or questions he’s had just a day or two prior. Curious… we already know that M. Rasmodius has been magically spying on him the whole time, but how do the rest of the townspeople always know what he’s up to?


It would seem from this that I’ll need this new fishing pole before I can use bait. At least I hope that’s the case, since I completely failed to figure out how to use it with my bamboo pole.


Finally, a letter from Robin that’s not trying to sell me something. Unless this “lost axe” is just a clever ploy to trick me into coming to her shop…

Robin’s request started a quest in my journal, so it must be important. I’ll keep an eye out if I’m heading through the forest (it was last spotted somewhere around Marnie’s ranch).

First Things First

Before planting today’s batch of parsnips, I needed to clear the space, collect some sap to make fertilizer, and go to Pierre’s to restock on seeds.


Clearing space


Collecting sap


Stocking up – getting extra since I can afford 3 days worth

I now have more than enough seeds to finish the initial phase of the monoculture project before it becomes self-sustaining. So even if I don’t earn any money today and tomorrow, I’ll still be on track.


Odd-numbered days will be fertilized, even-numbered days will not

I brought the seeds home and planted the day’s batch of twenty, then went south to forage a bit and look for Robin’s axe before going to the beach.

The Sewer Pipe

Leaving the farm from the south exit triggered a cutscene all the way down by the sewer pipe that empties into the ocean. Jas and Vincent were playing there, completely unsupervised for some reason.


Vincent with another one of his bright ideas

Penny’s nowhere to be found. Who’s responsible for these kids? Remind me to have a talk with Jodi and… Jas’s mom. Who does Jas live with?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, apparently it looks like I’m supposed to go see Gunther and ask about the key to the sewers. I don’t know though – I’m sure it’s locked for a reason, even if the reason is to keep meddling kids like these from going in there and getting themselves lost.

Actually, it may be locked in order to keep something in:


Karl went to investigate, and heard a strange whale-sounding noise coming from inside. If I ever go in there, I’d better remember to bring a sword.

Back in Cindersap Forest, I did a quick sweep and didn’t see any sign of the lost axe. I continued on into Pelican Town.

The Rules of Gift Giving

I found Leah walking in town. I’ve been keeping a spare dandelion in my pocket so I could give her one every time I see her, since she’s one of the few people for whom I actually know one of their likes. The game decided I’d done enough of that this week, though.


Just like in real life, people love to receive gifts on occasion, but if you do it all the time it starts to look insincere (or puts too much pressure on the other person to reciprocate).

Well, this finally clears up what those 2 boxes mean that show up next to everybody’s status in the social menu:


Wait, why are the last two hearts grayed out? Does she have negative affection toward Karl? I did give her a gift she didn’t like earlier (a maple seed). She doesn’t seem to bear any ill will though from talking to her. Hmm. I’ll have to pay closer attention to this.

To the Beach

I didn’t make it to the pier until after 5:00, too late to check Willy’s shop for the new fishing pole.

I also failed to catch the three sardines for that bulletin board quest, and today was my last chance. Another delivery quest expired – I’m 0 for 3 now, I think.

I did catch a good amount of other stuff, including a nice treasure on my last cast of the day (an aquamarine). Maybe I’ll donate it tomorrow, on the condition that Gunther gives me some information on that spooky sewer.


You know, Karl sure spends an awful lot of time outside in the rain with no coat or umbrella… I wonder if he’ll ever get sick?

Fishing Loot:

  • 5 herring
  • 1 sardine
  • 2 seaweed
  • Aquamarine (from chest)



No skill level-ups today. Profits are also down a bit. I harvested a few more parsnips, but only shipped one. I’m saving some to add to the crops bundles in the community center.

Journal Progress:

Quest Expired: Fishing (3 sardines for Willy)
Quest Started: Robin’s Lost Axe

Tomorrow’s weather: Rain


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