Day 10, Spring 10: Bundled Up

Parsnip Update

I dug out the second 4×5 patch near the first one and sowed another 20 parsnip seeds there, this time without fertilizer.


A separate batch of parsnips, the ones I planted before starting the Great Parsnip Experiment, was ready for harvest. I shipped all those, which means I won’t have to do as much fishing today.


I also discovered that fertilized soil remains fertilized even after picking the crops from it – you don’t need to re-fertilize each time you plant in the same spot. This is great news as it means I won’t have to chop down nearly as many trees to get sap (crafting ingredient for fertilizer).


As I clear out more of the debris around the farmhouse, I think it’s time to start sprucing the place up a bit. Today I got started on a cobblestone path that will lead west into the parsnip fields.

First Bundle Complete

I lucked out with a bit of foraging near Robin’s house and was able to find a leek – the last item needed for the Spring Foraging Bundle.


I returned to the community center to turn it in, and was rewarded with 30 Spring Seeds.


While I was looking at that, a Junimo appeared to collect the newly packaged bundle!


He took it into his little hut here, and then two more golden scrolls showed up. I’ve now unlocked the next two rooms, each with multiple bundles to collect:

  • Pantry: contains crops bundles, unlocks a greenhouse
  • Fish Tank: contains fish bundles, unlocks another new area (by removing a boulder)

A little preview of things to come… wow there is so much to do in this game

Each room has 6 different bundles in it, which means I now have 17 more of these to try and gather – and judging by the remaining rooms still empty in the community center, probably many more. I’ve got my work cut out for me! I highly doubt it’ll be possible to finish all of them in the first year, but I’ll try to do as many as I can manage.

Sardines for Willy

After the excitement at the community center it was time to pick a fishing spot to spend the rest of the day unwinding with my trusty bamboo pole.

Passing by the bulletin board I saw a notice posted by Willy:


Cool, so I’ll do some ocean fishing and get a little bonus.

At the beach, Willy had already closed up shop and was looking out on the sea.


Giving Karl some more fishing advice

Bait Problems

At the pier I tried to put some bait on the fishing rod before getting started. I spent an embarrassingly long time trying, but couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to do it! I tried right clicking and left clicking the bait, both in and out of inventory, tried dropping it on the fishing rod, even right clicking while holding the rod. There seems to be no way to actually use the bait I got yesterday!


Umm, can you please tell me what to do with this?


Well you’re no help at all


I concluded that I’m either being super dumb and missing something obvious, or I just can’t use bait until I meet some other requirement like an upgraded fishing rod or something.

Anyway, it was pretty late so I only caught a few things here:

  • 1 Joja Cola
  • 1 anchovy (silver)
  • 3 seaweed
  • 2 herring (silver)

I didn’t even catch any sardines, so I’ll be back here tomorrow in hopes of finishing my first “Help Wanted” quest.

On The Ethics of Garbage Foraging

As soon as I left the beach (it was around 9:30 PM) a cutscene started outside George’s house.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Karl happened upon the scene and spoke with Linus. Soon he was faced with a rather difficult question:


Man, this game really put me on the spot unexpectedly. I was torn – I could see myself giving any of these answers for different reasons.

On the one hand, Karl has been known to do exactly what Linus is doing here on multiple occasions. And the food really would have been wasted otherwise…

But then I thought about how I’d feel if I knew someone was coming to my house to go through my garbage bin. I would feel uncomfortable about the intrusion on my privacy.

I ended up going with the last option but I still sort of regret it. I think Linus should be able to live the life he’s happy with, but scavenging off of others may still be inexcusable.

In the end, Gus stepped up and saved the day with his generosity:



This day more than any other so far makes me feel like I’ve only barely scratched the surface of this game. I’m really looking forward to seeing Joensuu Farm grow and change with each passing season.



A very profitable day

Journal Progress:

Quest Started: Fishing (3 sardines for Willy)

Tomorrow’s weather: Rain


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