Day 9, Spring 9: Monocultural

Today’s the day I began the Great Parsnip Experiment! I’m going to plant, harvest, and ship 300 parsnips between now and the end of Spring. In the last post, we looked at why parsnips are the most profitable crop out of what I’ve seen so far. Today, I’ll explain the strategy I’m going to use to reach 300 parsnips shipped and earn the Monoculture achievement.

Wish me luck!


As good a day as any to start this challenge

Checking the Mail

First things first, there were a couple new letters this morning.

Marlon wants to test my mettle to see if I’m fit for the Adventurer’s Guild:


This started a new quest to kill the 10 slimes he asked for.

Then there was another letter from Robin advertising her carpentry services yet again… this time she says if I upgrade my house I’ll have my very own kitchen. I’d be able to cook that stir-fry recipe from the other day, but the price tag’s hefty for this upgrade: 10,000 g. Time to start earning some steady income!

The Great Parsnip Experiment Begins

I planted the first batch of 20 parsnips in a 4-wide by 5-high plot over to the left of the house.

I will need just four of these plots to complete the challenge – by the time I’m ready to plant the 5th batch, the first will be ready to pick, so I can reuse that space.

I used fertilizer on all of today’s parsnips. I’m going to alternate between fertilized and non-fertilized each day, the reason being I want an equal number of each so I can easily compare the two methods and quantify the actual benefits of using fertilizer.


Zoomed out to show the location (and happy Sandor watching me work)

As the season progresses, I’ll be keeping track of everything at this page. At a rate of 20 parsnips per day, the 300th parsnip will be shipped on Spring 27, not counting the few I’ve already shipped or the ones that were planted a couple days ago. The total profit will be 4,500 g, plus whatever bonus I get from silver and gold quality crops. More than enough to build a chicken coop!

I will need to spend 400 g per day on seeds to keep up with the planting schedule. Starting on Spring 13 I’ll be earning 700 g per day from shipping the mature parsnips, so I just need enough seed money to get to that point; after that, this will be a self-sustaining operation.

So, how do I plan to earn the 400 g I need for the next 4 days?


Fishing is a more sure-fire way to earn a profit than foraging, and I’m pretty sure I can make 400 g in about half a day (as long as I don’t waste any more money on trout soup).

After a quick resupply of parsnip seeds at Pierre’s (he will be closed tomorrow) I went back to Cindersap Forest to fish off the dock in the small lake. I picked up a few foraging items – I now have 3/4 of the Spring bundle collected and am just missing a leek, so I’m definitely keeping an eye out for one.


After two hours I had caught no fish, one piece of algae, and three pieces of trash. Not off to a great start. I decided there was nothing worth catching here and went south to the river.

Before I left, Leah walked up to say hi. I tried giving her a dandelion because she mentioned that she likes to make salads from wild ingredients.


It’s a great feeling to have figured out a gift someone will like. The game does provide some clues if you pay attention.

Nice, that makes up for the lack of fish here.

Changing up my fishing spot definitely turned my luck around for the day. I spent the next five hours fishing near the mouth of the river. Here’s the location:


I filled up my inventory with goodies before heading home. I caught a ton of stuff:

  • 7 Green Algae
  • 4 Chub
  • 2 Sunfish
  • 1 Bream
  • Broken CD, Driftwood, Trash
  • 2 Treasure Chests

Grabbing the treasure without losing the fish adds some challenge

The first chest just had coal in it, but the second had a new and useful item: 10 pieces of bait! I look forward to using these tomorrow to catch fish more quickly.


I plan on sticking to one area each day to try and figure out which fish can be caught where, and when (Bream seem to come out only at night for example).


My goal was to earn at least 400 g today, and I exceeded that by a good margin!



Skill Progress:


I also reached level 2 in Fishing, which means I can make my own bait now (along with hopefully catching less trash).

Journal Progress:

Quest Started: Initiation (defeat 10 slimes)

Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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