Day 7, Spring 7: The Redundant Wizard

Morning Routine

There’s a new show on TV, hosted by the “queen of sauce”. It’s a cooking show – today Karl learned how to make stir fry.


This would be great if I had a kitchen or any cooking utensils

Two letters came in this morning. The first was from that wizard I’ve been wondering about.


Looks like I can finally enter the tower and meet this M. Rasmodius. I can’t wait to tell him about Karl’s mad detective skills in figuring out the Bunimo/Junimo/Xunimo message!

The second letter was just from Robin. Always eager to take some of my hard-earned money, this time she’s saying I can build a well using all the stones I’ve collected (and 1,000g).

I do have lots of stone, but I’m also pretty broke. I doubt I’ll have a need for a well until I start planting a lot more crops.

It’s raining again, so no watering necessary. Karl put his foraging/mining plans on hold, and proceeded directly to Cindersap Forest to the south.

A Traveling Merchant

On the way, I encountered a caravan parked in the woods:


He sells a wide assortment of goods – lots of things piqued my interest, but nothing I can afford. I wonder how often he shows up, and if he sells different things each time?


Wow that’s an overpriced stone

Into the Wizard Tower


Yer’ a hairy wizard

Inside the tower a lengthy cutscene started.

New character met: Rasmodius

He talks a lot and likes to brew funky green potions made from mushrooms and grubs. He can teleport wherever he wants and has the power to spoil one’s sense of accomplishment.



Yet another character who’s been watching you this whole time

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ah, so they are Junimos… thank you sir. Now let me show you the rest of this scroll that I’ve successfully translated.


Yes, and here’s what it say-Hey, wait!

Before I could stop him, he teleported away.


How rude

Two seconds later, he was back, eager to give me the answer that I already knew:


You’ve got it a bit wrong there bro, it’s “one with forest magic”, not “one with the forest”

Then I was forced to drink out of that huge cauldron. Karl’s head started spinning, and after what seemed like a bad drug trip, this happened:


Thanks, but I could already do this

I’m a little disappointed! I put all that time into solving yesterday’s puzzle, only to find out that the very next day a wizard just shows up and says “Here’s the answer, no effort required”. It sounds like all future scrolls will be translated for me too, so there goes my hope of using my initial study of the Junimo language as a sort of Rosetta Stone to decipher other texts.


The Crafts Room

With that out of the way, I found a new icon in my menu leading to this:


Those arrows at the top don’t do anything – perhaps there will be more rooms opened up later.

Each of these packages is called a Foraging Bundle: a list of items I need to acquire to make a complete set. There’s one for each season, plus an Exotic bundle and a Construction bundle. Completing them all will earn a reward: Bridge Repair (there are a couple other broken bridges besides the one on the beach).

Here’s the Spring Bundle:


I’ve already found each of these, so this one should be easy.

Something in the Exotic Bundle caught my eye though:


You can get maple syrup in this game? Sign me up! I’m giving serious thought to owning a maple farm now. Maybe I’ll level up Foraging some more to see if it unlocks the ability to tap into trees. It also looks like there are two other tree sap products: Oak Resin and Pine Tar.

Side Trip To Hat Mouse House

Remembering that old house by the river mouth, I went there next to check for the “hat mouse” that sent the letter yesterday. Sure enough, he had moved in and set up shop!


He only has one hat for sale: the “Sou’wester” (a sailor’s hat). Based on its description, it would seem that I unlocked it after getting the fisherman achievement! I’ll come back after getting some more achievements because each one probably unlocks a new hat.

Field Science

In preparation for my plans to delve deeper into the mine, I wanted to gather seeds to make some field snacks. Here’s some nifty observations made during today’s foraging (remember, not using the wiki means that any tips/info I collect I’ll have to figure out for myself).

Observation #1

There are three types of trees that can be chopped down:

From left to right, they are:

  • Oak – drops acorns
  • Maple – drops maple seeds
  • Pine – drops pinecones

Combining one of each of these seeds will make one field snack, which restores 45 energy and 18 health. I’m thinking this is my best bet for getting energy back at this stage in the game, since Karl doesn’t know how to cook yet.

Observation #2

I found out you can use the hoe to dig up these tree seeds from the ground in certain spots (you can see them sticking out).


The only other thing I’ve found using the hoe is clay, which seems to randomly pop out when digging anywhere.

I was also wrong in an earlier post when I said you can only use the hoe on the farm. It turns out you can use it anywhere there’s bare dirt, you just can’t plant anything outside the farm. As far as I know. Should I be bringing the hoe with me wherever I go? Are there other things I’ve been missing in the ground that could be dug up?

Happy Birthday To Lewis

It was late afternoon by the time I got into town. Clint’s blacksmith shop was already closed so I couldn’t open my geode, but I was able to donate the amethyst at the museum.

Today is Spring 7 which is Mayor Lewis’ birthday. I’ve been saving a gold-quality parsnip to give him, so I really hoped I wasn’t too late to find him. I went into his house and found it empty.


Nobody’s home. People don’t seem to care about locking their doors in this town

I wasn’t going to miss the first birthday of the year – Karl’s got to make a good impression on the townsfolk, especially the Mayor!

It was already 4PM, so I used the same tried-and-true tactic as when I met Sebastian: I waited for him to get home.

In the meantime, Willy walked by and had a nice chat about some future fishing upgrades.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lewis finally came home around 8PM. Karl jumped out from behind a bush and handed him the finest parsnip he’d ever seen, yelling “Happy Birthday!”


I’ve been waiting outside your door for 4 hours. Take this vegetable. I am good at social interaction.

What’s this? His little friendship circle turned green! My gift has taken our friendship to the next level – twice! I’m so glad I went with the gold star parsnip. Lewis is a man who  appreciates a quality tuber.


Nice! He liked the gift, two whole friendship points worth! Grandpa would be proud!

Speaking of Grandpa…


Back at the farm, I found this shrine over in the corner while hunting for acorns.


Grandpa’s coming back? I thought he was dead! Man, I should really do a better job keeping in touch. Three years is a long way away in this playthrough…

I also found a small cave located on my property. It’s empty and doesn’t seem to lead anywhere. No cave carrots in there either.



New item shipped: Geode (50g)

Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Meet the Wizard

Items Donated:


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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