Day 6, Spring 6: A Cryptic Message

Another Visit

This morning, Clint showed up at my door at 6AM, somehow aware of Karl’s mining escapade last night even though they hadn’t spoken in a few days. Are Marlon and Clint in cahoots?

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Clint’s business strategy is to start me off with a free furnace blueprint in hopes that I’ll start buying ores and tool upgrades from him. It’s a clever plan, but he already has the monopoly on metallurgy in this town so I would’ve done so anyway. Can’t complain about a free new crafting recipe and quest though!

The furnace requires 25 stone and 20 copper ore, so I’ll need to mine for some more copper before I can  make one (since I certainly don’t have the gold to buy it right now).


I picked two more parsnips – these must have been from the Mixed Seeds I planted on Tuesday. One of them had a gold star – it sells for 50% more than normal! So there are at least two levels of high-quality items. I put this one away to replace the silver-quality one to give Lewis tomorrow (he won’t know it didn’t come from his seeds, hehe).

A Strange Letter

This was in the mailbox today:


I have no idea what the old house (“haus”) is, but I’ll be checking out the community center later. If it’s not there, I know there is an old abandoned house to the southwest. I probably can’t afford a hat yet anyway.

Crafting, Fertilizing, Planting

First order of business in today’s work is to craft a scarecrow to complete the quest started yesterday.


Materials: 50 wood, 1 coal, 20 plant fiber

Easy! It looks like it will keep the crows from eating crops in an 8 tile radius. The quest rewarded 100 g, and it’s great for peace of mind since I only planted one each of potato and cauliflower and would hate to lose them.


I made a small start on a flower bed next to the house with a tulip bulb and jazz seeds. Also found another geode while clearing the space.


The other new thing I can make after yesterday’s Level Up is basic fertilizer! You can add it to tilled soil before planting and it should increase the average quality of the harvested crops. It only requires 2 sap. I had some stashed away so I used them all, and spread the fertilizer in the empty patch of soil.


I said I would replant today, so I went to Pierre’s to spend what little money I had on some new seeds.

Almost all my cash went into buying the backpack yesterday, so I didn’t have much left to buy seeds. I bought more parsnips – I doubt they are as profitable as other crops, but they have a low planting cost and quick time-to-harvest, both of which are better for me right now.


If I’m going to end up planting a lot of parsnips, I might just go all out and try for the Monoculture achievement (ship 300 of one crop). I’d have to earn 6,000 g in total before Spring 24, which seems possible (I already made over 2k in 5 days) but it could make for a more boring Spring. Hmm… I’ll have to think on this.

Going to Town

With the day’s farm work done, I planned to go across the river to see Clint and open that geode.


In my haste to buy up as many seeds as I could, I forgot to leave enough money to pay the blacksmith! I had to make a quick detour to the river mouth to pick up some more spring onions to sell first.


Geodes can have ores inside too

Inside the geode were 3 pieces of copper ore. It’s no gemstone, but at least it gets me closer to crafting the furnace. I still had the topaz from yesterday in the backpack so I went to the museum to donate it.


There are some books missing from the library. I wonder if I can find and donate those too?

Community Center Revisited

Now that I had a sword and some confidence, I decided to check out that “rat problem” at the community center. Instead I just found more confusion.


This yellow slime critter disappeared as I got close. On this shining tile in the center of the room was a cryptic message written in strange symbols:


This seems important. So many unanswered questions!

There were no rats or monsters anywhere else in the building, so I left feeling a little let down. Checking the journal though, the “Rat Problem” quest was gone! I guess I investigated sufficiently for now. I bet if I could decipher that message I’d learn more – might try that later.

A Bit More Spelunking

I was hoping I could also finish the mine quest today as I had almost full energy, but it was already well into the evening by this point. I went in anyway since I still needed the copper. Again I reached depth 3, but this time had to turn back because it was getting too late. I did find 3 more copper ore, a geode, and an amethyst, so it wasn’t all for naught.


Gunther will be excited about all the minerals I’m bringing him

Sadly, I didn’t find any Cave Carrots for Willy (I don’t even know if this is the right place to look). This is the last day for his quest, so it looks like it’ll expire after today.

Karl returned to Joensuu Farm, put a single maple seed in the shipping box, and got to bed at 12:00 sharp, feeling content that he found a way to expend the day’s energy and excited about the mysteries ahead. Tomorrow is Mayor Lewis’s birthday, and the end of the first week of Stardew Valley!


Got another Level Up: Mining


Bombs? Karl is a peaceful guy! Actually, these could be great for demolition in the mine…

Omitting the shipping screen because the only thing I shipped today was a maple seed for 5g.

New Items Sold:

Item Sell Price
Maple Seed 5 g

Items Donated:


Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Advancement (100g)

Quest Completed: “Rat Problem”

Quest Started: Forging Ahead (craft a forge)

Quest Expired: Delivery (Cave Carrot for Willy)


Tomorrow’s Weather: Rain


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