Day 3, Spring 3: Searching for Sebastian

Slightly Tired


The first thing I noticed this morning was that my energy bar didn’t fill up all the way overnight. So it looks like staying up past midnight is not the best idea if you want to get in a full day’s work the next day. I assume the later you stay up, the more it drains your energy in the morning. I wonder if that could be remedied by drinking coffee or something?

It’s raining today – that means no need to water the crops!


What’s Karl to do with his day off? He came up with two main goals for the day:

  1. Finish exploring the map (at least the areas that are currently accessible)
  2. Find and meet the last remaining Pelican Town resident

The first place I want to check out is the wooded area just south of the farm with a small lake and… a wizard’s tower? After that, I figured I’d pass through town heading toward the mountains and mine to the north.


I left Joensuu Farm from the south exit using the small path I’d already cleared through the weeds and rocks… I’ll get to clearing out the rest of it someday, hopefully not too far in the future.


This area is called Cindersap Forest. Right away I found a new foraging item, a wild horseradish. Heading west it looks like there’s a path leading deeper into the woods, but it’s currently blocked by a fallen log and I’ll need an upgraded axe to get past it.

I reached the wizard’s tower and it turned out to be completely uneventful.


Hopefully whoever’s inside is not the 28th person on my list of people to meet! I checked the map though and found at least one other unfamiliar name: Kent, who lives in a house with Jodi and Sam in the southwest corner of town.

Goal: Meet Kent

I ran over to Jodi’s house, ready to complete the social quest.

On the way there, I felt like rooting through the trash cans (because hey, I’m foraging today), and this happened:


Sorry Lewis. But someone threw out a full can of Joja Cola, cool! It probably does belong in the trash, but maybe I can give it to someone who might enjoy it.

Going to Jodi’s house was a huge letdown. Instead of finding Jodi, Kent, and Sam living there, I found Jodi, Vincent, and Sam. What the heck?


There Is No Kent

Jodi didn’t mention Kent, I don’t see any other bedrooms that could be his, and Jodi’s bed has a single pillow on it.

The only explanation I can think of is that Vincent’s name was formerly Kent during development and was later changed, but it was missed on the map screen. Did I find a bug? Funnily enough, Vincent even mentioned bugs while I was thinking this!


Could this be just a coincidence?? Well, yeah, almost certainly.

Before leaving, I read Vincent’s report card. Just as I suspected yesterday, he’s not too bright.

He also got a D in Spelling, so maybe he really is Kent and he just can’t spell his own name.

Man, I’m really stuck on this whole Kent thing. Hopefully I can solve the mystery one day.

I checked the map one more time and moused over every building looking for anyone else I haven’t met. Lo and behold, there was one at Robin’s place!


New Goal: Find Sebastian

Before heading to the workshop I visited Haley and Emily next door. Haley is still shallow and self-obsessed. Emily, however, provided some very interesting gossip.


I did notice some ring slots on my character’s equipment page, so I’m inclined to believe this is true. Between this and the wizard’s tower, there are some traditional fantasy elements in this game. I look forward to learning more!

Proceeding to Robin’s home, I found there’s another bedroom I didn’t notice before becauseĀ it’s in the basement: Sebastian’s room! But, he’s not there. Bummer.


I am determined to finish this quest today, but if I go out looking for Sebastian there’s a good chance I’ll miss him and he’ll go home to lock himself in his room. I came to the logical conclusion that if I just waited around a while, eventually he had to come to me. I mean, he’s gotta come home sometime, right?

So, that’s what I did.

Now, I know Karl has done some odd, awkward, or even downright creepy things since arriving in Stardew Valley. Entering homes uninvited, looking through people’s trash, yesterday’s “incident” with Vincent, and now what basically amounts to stalking. I just want to say that he always has the very best of intentions at heart. At least, that’s what I tell myself. I guess when you’re playing a game you just end up doing some of these kinds of things as a result of how the game works. And that’s OK – it’s not meant to perfectly simulate reality. Karl just wants to make some friends and do some quests – and if he has to wait all afternoon outside a complete stranger’s bedroom door just to say hello, then so be it! He does it because he cares.

Anyway, while passing the time I did a few things:

Briefly walked over to the mine to discover it too is blocked off for now, but someone over there’s working on fixing that problem at least.


Did some foraging and fishing. Found a leek, a daffodil, another horseradish, and caught a chub. Then I rushed back to Robin’s to wait for Sebastian.

I had two daffodils in my pocket, and the description says they make a nice gift. So I tried giving one to Maru.


It could have gone worse I guess

I also gave that Joja Cola to Demetrius. That one didn’t go so well.


Here’s something I found for you in the trash

Finally, Sebastian came home. I intercepted him in the narrow hallway and forced an introduction. Quest complete!



Didn’t I literally just do this

I got another social quest right away: give someone a gift. Ha! Sebastian, why couldn’t you have come sooner?

I took the only other thing I was willing to part with, a lump of coal, and offered it to Demetrius. He refused since I’d already given him a gift today, but the quest got done anyway! Nice, and it came with a 100g reward!


Feeling accomplished, I took the backwoods route back home, with more foraging along the way. A bit more clearing debris and then it was time for bed, having met both of the day’s goals.


I actually found a lot of stuff foraging today. In fact, I reached Foraging Level 1 at the end of the day! Now I can chop trees quicker and get more out of them, along with 2 new crafting recipes.


Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Introductions

Quest Completed: How To Win Friends (100 g)

Items Shipped:

Item Sell Price Quantity
Wild Horseradish 50 g 4
Leek 60 g 2
Daffodil 30 g 2
Chub 50 g 1
Total 430 g

One thought on “Day 3, Spring 3: Searching for Sebastian

  1. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Too bad they seem to not know that. I just want to recycle! Why get so upset?! D:


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