Day 2, Spring 2: Gone Fishing

The parsnips have sprouted!

And I can still walk over them, which is a good sign. If I can confirm that this is the case for all the crops during their whole growth cycle, it means I won’t really have to worry about planting patterns at all.

There were 2 letters in the mailbox this morning. The first was an ad from Pierre about his amazing backpack for sale:


Just in case you haven’t figured it out: You Need A Backpack

I may not be able to buy the backpack yet, but there is something I can do about storage now: craft a chest. It requires 50 wood, so I chopped down one more tree and placed my newly built chest next to the shipping box. Now I don’t have to carry all my materials and tools everywhere I go.


Yay for lighter pockets

The second letter was from some stranger named Willy, saying “I’ve got something for ya”. Karl ignored all the warnings going off in his head and made plans to go meet him at the beach by 5PM.


Good thing everyone in Pelican Town always has good intentions

I planted the bean starter, cauliflower, and potato I bought yesterday and finished watering everything.


The bean plant came with its own trellis – what a deal! I thought I might have to buy or craft one. And, you can’t walk over the tile it’s planted in. I reformulated my theory to include this observation (plant regular crops anywhere, plant trellis crops with room for watering).

Blazing a Trail

I decided to take the southern route to the beach from Joensuu Farm, in order to visit some new parts of town along the way. This required clearing a path through more weeds and debris. I got out my scythe, axe, and pick and got to work.

Before long I came across a couple new things:

  • Mixed seeds: I guess you can plant these and see what grows (It’s a surprise!)
  • A Geode: Wow! It says “A blacksmith can open this for you”

Hey, I already know a blacksmith

Looking at the map, Clint’s shop is open until 4. He closes before I need to go meet Willy, so I turned around for a detour and left for town. Going through town I found a few more people Karl hadn’t met yet.

More Introductions

New character met: Haley

Calls Karl a “farmer boy” and his clothes “horrendous”. Can you even change clothes in this game?


I made a quick stop at the store to say hello and buy some of the seeds I didn’t have room for yesterday.

Abigail was upset about something. Talking to her again did NOT help.


Obviously she’s still pissed because Karl took over her hangout spot and now she has to stand around her dad’s shop all day

In the next room there was some kind of ladies’ gathering going on. A few familiar faces were there, along with two new ones.

New character met: Jodi

Karl isn’t exactly what she imagined. What did she imagine?

New character met: Marnie

She lives on the ranch south of Joensuu farm. Sells livestock and livestock accessories.


After speaking to them, they broke out into some kind of exercise session.

Continuing on across the river, Karl discovered, much to his dismay, that there’s a JojaMart in town!


Looks like even out here in rural Stardew Valley, he will never fully escape the memories of his former life

Well, might as well go inside now, so I can see what they offer and hopefully never return.

New character met: Morris

Joja’s Customer Satisfaction Representative in Pelican Town. Only cares about satisfaction of card-carrying Joja Members.

I saw Shane in a uniform stocking shelves. So he works at JojaMart… that would explain the ‘J’ on his hoodie. Apparently he was too busy to talk. Pam was there as well, acting suspicious.


Karl made a mental note: investigate trailer while Pam is out

JojaMart has some items for sale: various Joja-branded merchandise, and a bunch of stuff I already found at Pierre’s for a lower price! They sell all the same seeds for 25% more than Pierre does.

Why would anyone shop here? Maybe Joja members get a discount, but there’s no way I’m falling for that crap. I smugly walked out the door and continued to go see Clint.

Archaeology Lesson

Clint the blacksmith cracked open my geode for 25g. There was a mineral inside – “Nekoite”. According to the description, “Gunther can tell you more about this if you donate it to the museum.” So, I took it straight to the museum located conveniently next door.

As a side note, I really appreciate the little bread crumbs the game is giving me – the geode is a prime example of this. I felt like I randomly found it while working in the field, which led me to visit the blacksmith to get it opened, which then led to the museum to donate it. I learned about some key NPCs and their functions, and the whole time I was the one making the decisions to do these things. It changed the course of the day significantly, but I could have just as easily put the geode in the chest to deal with later (or never). Much better than being forced through a lengthy tutorial section at the start of the game.

New character met: Gunther

Sits around in a constant state of hat-tipping at the empty museum, waiting for anyone to give him stuff.


Gunther explained how the museum works: I can donate any artifacts or minerals I find, and in return I get to arrange the collection myself as it fills up. He also mentioned I might get some “interesting items” if I kept donating.

So, I donated the Nekoite. Gunther had this to say:


The journal icon lit up to indicate I completed a quest: Archaeology! And it came with 250g in cash! So, finishing quests can earn extra rewards – I’ll keep that in mind.


First quest completed. And this one wasn’t even on my to-do list

The Museum also doubles as a Library. I’ll have to come back to check that out; it was already 3PM and I had to get to the beach by 5.

To The Beach

On the way to the beach to find Willy, I had to stop and meet no less than 4 new people.

First, I found Penny near the river with two kids that she tutors.

New character met: Jas

Says “Hi…”, that’s it. Maybe someone told her not to talk to strangers?


New character met: Vincent

His momma actually did tell him not to talk to strangers. He must not be very bright.


Karl is, uhh… probably not making a great impression on Penny. If I had to guess.




Next I met two guys at the south end of town near the beach.

New character met: Sam

Nondescript blonde male. I already got him and Alex confused.


New character met: Elliott

This guy. Oh man. He’s got “future romantic rival of protagonist” written all over him.

Finally I made it to the beach (with over an hour to spare) and triggered a cutscene.


New character met: Willy

Your stereotypical old man sailor with a pipe. He will buy fish, and sells fishing supplies.


The gift he had waiting for me was his old fishing rod. Neat! I’m standing at the end of a dock, let’s try it out!


Ah, the fishing minigame: no RPG is complete without one

Catching a fish is harder than simply pressing a button when the exclamation mark pops up. I stayed at the docks to practice for a while, and ended up with 4 fish.


I caught 2 sardines, 2 herrings, and a piece of seaweed. One of each fish had a little star icon on it, which seems to indicate a higher quality? At least it provides more energy when eaten.

Before leaving the beach I explored a bit and found some shells and a mussel. Also came across a broken bridge blocking off another area until it’s repaired.


It was getting late; time to head home and plant the new seeds before going to be-WAIT! I forgot to buy any seeds when I was at Pierre’s earlier! And his shop’s closed by now, and all day on Wednesdays! Oh man, I don’t want to wait that long before getting any new crops planted…

Back to JojaMart

Sigh… remember that place I said I’d never return to? And you know how people are willing to pay above market price for something if they need it right away and all the other stores are closed? Well, JojaCorp knows this too. And JojaMart is open until 11PM, 7 days a week.

Yep, Karl became a victim of his own poor planning and paid a premium for it, not to mention giving hard-earned money to the corporation he despised. But I had one open inventory slot and I was gonna fill it before going home, darn it! I bought 4 packets of kale seeds and started walking home, feeling ashamed and hoping they weren’t full of pesticides and GMOs.

Working Late

I returned to Joensuu farm around 9:15, planted the kale and put the fish and shells in the shipping box. I noticed it was quite dark at the farm at night (terrible for screenshots!) so I took some wood and sap and crafted some torches, which I placed near the house and crops.


Now I can actually see

When the clock struck midnight it turned red, Karl sprouted a speech bubble of Zzz’s, and a popup said “It’s getting late”. I’m going to take a wild guess that 12:00 is the cutoff time for going to bed before suffering any adverse effects. Karl fell asleep at 12:10 AM, so we will find out tomorrow if anything bad happens.


Only one person left to find to finish Karl’s introductions! And I earned some good money from fishing & foraging today, check it out:


Journal Progress:

People Met: 27/28

Quest Completed: Archaeology (250 g)

Quest Completed: To The Beach (fishing rod)

Items Shipped:

Item Sell Price Quantity
Clam 50 g 2
Sardine 40 g 1
Sardine* 50 g 1
Herring 30 g 1
Herring* 37 g 1
Mussel 30 g 1
Coal 15 g 1
Seaweed 20 g 1
Total 322 g

Items Donated:



Tomorrow’s weather: Rain


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