Day 0, Prologue: Meet Karl

It’s Day Zero of my Year in Stardew Valley! Why start with zero?

  • Day 1 will be the first day of Spring (and first full day on the farm)
  • Today is just making the character and doing the prologue before the game proper
  • I like programmer numbering

Time to boot up Stardew Valley.exe and begin a new game.

Introducing Karl

Of course the first thing to do is create a character. I’ll admit that most of the time I just go with the defaults or a randomized one, name it after myself and call it good. Usually I’d rather just get right into the actual game. Since I’ll have to look at this guy for a year though, I should probably try to customize him at least a little.

This is Karl:p01

p02Karl likes pie. I have no idea what effect (if any) this has on the game. But who doesn’t like pie?



He’s definitely a dog person.



Nothing too crazy with the clothing and colors. Suspenders seem like something a farmer named Karl could pull off. Went with a little darker blue on his jeans. He has a mustache, mostly because I wish I could grow a nice mustache.

I’m happy with that. And so we’re off to start a new game of Stardew Valley!


…And by that I mean, off to click through the series of cutscenes that constitute the prologue. We’ll have to wait on getting to the main part of the game today. That’s OK – this short intro is well done and gives you just enough information to explain why your character has gone off to start a new life.


“XX Years later”

Karl works a monotonous 9-to-5 office job at Joja Corporation.


One day, he remembers what his grandfather told him from his deathbed.



He decides he’s ready to see what grandpa left him.


You have to click the envelope! Riveting gameplay right here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And with that, Karl quit his job on the spot and booked the next bus to Stardew Valley…

Welcome to Joensuu Farm


What’s Joensuu?

It’s a Finnish name (pronounced YO-en-soo) which as far as I can tell means “mouth of the river”. My grandfather’s family owns a small island on a lake in northern Minnesota. They built a cabin on it in the ’70s and named it Joensuu. It’s where I would go if I were to leave everything behind and go live in nature.

So, I decided to name Karl’s new farm after it – Joensuu Farm.


Karl was greeted at the bus stop by Robin, who offered to show him to his newly inherited home.

New character met: Robin


Robin is the local carpenter. She seems friendly and happy to show Karl around. Although, she may just see a potential customer who she hopes will buy plenty of home improvements.



Karl’s reaction upon first seeing Joensuu Farm

Mayor Lewis was inside the house “tidying up”. Wish he would have tidied up more outside, the place is full of weeds!


Apparently I’m a big deal in this town

New character met: Lewis


Lewis is the mayor of Pelican Town. He must have been here a while since it sounds like he was friends with Karl’s grandpa. His main duty as mayor seems to be to come to people’s homes in the middle of the night to buy their stuff.

Lewis gave me a goal for tomorrow: explore the town and introduce myself. He said the townspeople would appreciate it. Looks like we know what we’re doing on Spring 1!

He also mentioned the box next to the house as the method of selling whatever I find or produce. I remember that being the same in the couple of Harvest Moon games I’ve played.

The game forces you to go to bed at this point to conclude the prologue. Tomorrow will be the first day of Spring and of Karl’s new life!


You’ll see this at the end of each day when you go to bed. You can’t save at any other time. The days are short enough that it’s not too restricting, and I like the design choice. It emphasizes each day as one self-contained unit of gameplay.

Next post will be on Sunday, March 20th.


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