Reason Two: Lack of Similar Content

If you’re familiar with the Let’s Play format, you know that these days they primarily exist on YouTube as videos with voice commentary.

Before YouTube was big and desktop recording software was easy to obtain & use, most LPs were written, with a series of screenshots accompanying the text. These were mostly posted on various gaming forums (for example at Something Awful).

Both of these formats have their pros & cons. An FPS or action game is probably better suited to video, while something like a turn-based strategy game or an RPG with grinding or farming elements (heh) is great for screenshots because you can pick out the important stuff without it getting too repetitive.

Another reason people may look for screenshot LPs is because reading an article is more accessible than watching a video. A written post can condense a long gameplay session down to a three-minute read. Videos have a set length (many are longer than your average break at work) and usually require sound. Some people have YouTube blocked at work; others are on mobile and don’t have the bandwidth or want to use the data.

I enjoy reading & watching LPs of games I’m playing, so shortly after Stardew Valley came out I started searching for some good ones. If you google it, you’ll notice that all of the top results are videos. I was surprised that a game that seems particularly suited to text/screenshot LPs didn’t have any.

Later, by refining the search a bit, at the time of this writing it appeared that one person was doing one (at the aforementioned Something Awful forum), but their stated goals were pretty different from what I was looking for.

So, I decided to make one. I liked the idea of a one-day-per-day playthrough, but then I realized the first day of Spring was only a week and a half away, so why not a “real-time seasons” playthrough? The timing seemed perfect, and I hadn’t seen it mentioned elsewhere, and so I came over to WordPress and this blog was born.


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