Reason Three: Seasons in Sync

Lots of games that have seasons run into this problem where it could be 100 degrees outside in July but it’s a cold bleak winter in the game world.

Not that this is a big issue or anything – games are all about imagination and suspending disbelief to visit strange or impossible places.

That being said, this slow playthrough I’m planning affords the unique opportunity to have the game world reflect the real world.

My character will wake up on the first day of Summer just like I do on June 20th.

I don’t know what fictional holidays exist in the game, but let’s say it has its version of Easter or Halloween or Christmas – those will all take place around the same time as their counterparts.

I might plant some vegetables in my own backyard while Karl (oh by the way, my character’s name will be Karl) plants the same ones on the farm.

And because I won’t know what happens next (in the game or in real life), I’ll be able to see both my year and Karl’s year unfold concurrently, with whatever parallels may or may not come out of that.


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