Reason One: Time Commitment

OK, so as I mentioned before, I’m a dad. In less than a month, I’ll be a dad of two.

When you have a kid, the amount of spare time you have to do things like, say, play a computer game, goes down. Way down.

When you have two kids, I can only assume that that small amount of time you have gets chopped in half (at least until Child 1 becomes mature enough to start adding value doing chores, getting dressed unassisted, brushing her own teeth, etc.).

So, two 15-minute sessions a week will hopefully be pretty manageable while still keeping family the top priority.

Also, I’ve never blogged before. Judging by the time it’s taking me to write these first posts, I’m guessing that doing the commentary and organizing the screenshots will take a good while longer than the actual time in the game.

I was initially going to play Stardew Valley at a rate of one day per day. Then I had the idea of having real-time seasons and making an LP of it, and the slower pace is what convinced me I could make it happen. I still don’t know if I’ll be able to stick to a schedule, but having two posts per week seems much less daunting than doing it daily.


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