Let’s Play Stardew Valley

What Is This?

This blog is essentially going to be a Screenshot Let’s Play, or SSLP, of the recently released PC game Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is an RPG similar to the Harvest Moon series in which your character inherits an old farm near a small town. Gameplay is divided up into days that each last 10-15 minutes, and the game has its own calendar with each season lasting 28 days.

Each post here will be a writeup of what my character did for one in-game day. The frequency of posts will be such that the game’s calendar and seasons will match up with their real-world counterparts.

The game starts on the first day of Spring, so the first post will go up on the 20th of March (the actual first day of Spring!). Three months later, my character will have progressed to the start of Summer, just in time for June 20th (Summer solstice). And so on… I’m sure you get the picture. My plan is to post regularly for one year (hence the blog’s title).

I’m starting on a brand new character with almost no prior knowledge of the game (I  played the first 5 days on another character before deciding to do this blog). I won’t be consulting the wiki or reading any information or tips outside the game.

To jump directly to the playthrough, use one of these links:

Or, read on below for more of my ramblings before I get the year started.

Taking it (very) Slow


(not to scale)

Stardew planet sits in a lower orbit around its host star than the Earth does (or so I assume). As such, the seasons are shorter than their real-life counterparts. A season lasts 4 weeks, so 28 in-game days per season and only 112 days in a Stardew year.

Doing the math, this works out to me playing (and posting) a little over twice a week. If you’ve played the game, this may sound almost excruciatingly slow. Many people agree that part of this game’s “hook” is that feeling of “Lemme play just one more day!” that results from the short day length and the fact that you can only save between days.


Two 15-minute sessions per week means it’ll take me much longer to progress than the average player. In fact, the game’s only been out for two weeks and many have already completed year two or three. However, I think this pace will work great, both for me and for this blog format, for a few reasons, which I’ll explain in the following posts:

  1. Time Commitment
  2. Lack of Similar Content
  3. Seasons in Sync
  4. The Theme of Stardew Valley

5 thoughts on “Let’s Play Stardew Valley

      • No problem! :)

        I’ve never heard of screenshot Let’s Plays before until I saw you post in the Stardew Valley Steam Discussion! Glad I looked at it! It is definitely a nice change from the Let’s Plays on Youtube. I have yet to find a Youtube Let’s play I actually like. I find a lot of the popular Youtubers Let’s Plays of Stardew Valley highly annoying. Too much yelling and jokes that aren’t funny. Kind of ruined the relaxing vibe of Stardew Valley for me. To each his own I guess! xD


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